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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Swim Together with Thousands of fishes at the Sanfest XI Activity

DENPASAR - Sanur has a fascinating marine tourism potential, with a variety of water games are certainly interesting and also able to provide education to tourists. Among them are various water games seawalker, jetski and parasailing. However, on this occasion, precisely in Sanur Village Festival is to XI where on Friday (26/8) yesterday travelers the opportunity to plant coral reefs in the sea of ​​Sanur.

Together with a team seawalker of Puri Santrian, Sanur and some tourists in coral plantation activities. On the occasion of the tourists planting coral in a sea of ​​Sanur, as well as bonus play with thousands of fish that live towing ocean Sanur.

Before enjoying the underwater world of the participants seawalker previously given instructions by Wayan as an instructor seawalker via video, participants are taught methods of communication under the sea. Ranging from communications rose by raising a thumbs up, thumbs down by coding fall down. Providing a stop sign and OK with the hand, and more importantly is to control the hearing under water.

The water pressure under the water can make hearing becomes ill, so that the instructor provides three powerful ways to control the pain, first by swallowing saliva, then bias by moving the jaw mouth right and left, and the latter can perform recovery of hearing to cover the nose and punched the air in order out of the nose closed. "It should be more relaxed if you feel pain in the hearing, and immediate treatment with these three ways," said Wayan.

After replacing clothing to dress more casual and lighter to carry scuba diving also wore shoes, seawalker participants will be picked up by a boat to the location seawalker. Upon arrival location, the participant will be charged a helmet with a weight of 50 kg. "Pretty heavy indeed, but in the sense of heavy seas will not be felt," said Wayan.

Sanur ocean floor looks clean with spots reef neat and organized as attractive as possible, especially there is also a heart-shaped spots that can be used for narcissistic in the sea.

After planting activity reef bottom of the sea, tourists are given food fish in a small bottle which can then be given to the fish. Automatically, thousands of fish in the sea are beautiful patterned will invade you.

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