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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Maybank Implement Sustainable Corporate Responsibility Program for Community of Gianyar

Bali, August 27, 2016 - Continuing the goodwill that was pioneered since 2012 in a series of organizing a race internationally Maybank Bali Marathon (MBM), PT Bank Maybank Indonesia Tbk (Maybank Indonesia) to re-implement the corporate social responsibility (corporate responsibility-CR) for the people of Gianyar , Bali. Implementation of the activities that took place one day before the execution of this MBM, centered in Gianyar Cultural Center and chaired by the President Director of Maybank Indonesia Taswin Zakaria along with the Board of Directors and Commissioners Maybank Indonesia, attended by representatives of regulators and local government officials Gianyar.

In the implementation of CR for Gianyar community this year, Maybank Indonesia provides grant support to 10 cooperatives to further rolled out to the underprivileged in society Gianyar.mendukung working capital for 10 members of the cooperative. In addition, Maybank Indonesia also focus on efforts to support the activities of young people through the establishment of centers of excellence to enhance the behavioral competencies (soft skills), both in leadership, personality formation, giving courses skills, especially for those who can not pursue higher education, and support the youth in environmental preservation.

On this occasion, Maybank Indonesia also channel funding from Maybank Foundation, a foundation-owned Maybank Group, for economic empowerment for persons with disabilities through community Puspadi (Disability Empowerment Center) Bali. Further support for this fund will be used as working capital to improve productivity and make the distribution of their production in a wheelchair. Of the expected increase in revenue gained can further improve the lives of the community of persons with disabilities.

In the event of MBM in 2016, as many as 50 persons with disabilities will also follow wheelchair race 10 km (10K) so that they can also feel the atmosphere directly international marathon. Wheelchair race event has become a permanent agenda in the operation of MBM since it was first held in 2012.

While in the field of education, Maybank Indonesia continues to support public education by providing books and sports equipment to the school 28 students who crossed the MBM in Gianyar.

"CR Maybank Indonesia Share in Gianyar on an ongoing basis since 2012 in line with our mission, humanising financial services, especially to be in the midst of society. Implementing CR has become part of the partnership that has been good between Maybank Indonesia in Gianyar in holding this international event. Besides it is also a positive attempt to contribute our share in the development of communities in Gianyar. In previous years, we have also been carrying out initiatives to support the activities of CR sports, public health and education, "said Taswin.

CR Maybank Indonesia Share also be part of Maybank in closer synergy with Gianyar society in providing support and take part in organizing events MBM. Gianyar community support is realized with the participation of every village with the race showed a clean environment and featuring performances by local arts attractive along the marathon route. Support of school children who continue to give encouragement to the participants of the race plus the beautiful natural scenery characteristic complement Maybank Bali Marathon, a marathon with natural charm and culture, which distinguishes it from other international marathon events.

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