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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Kite SVF starts coloring the sky of Sanur

Denpasar (27/8). Sanur sky since morning suddenly turned blue tinge of color. Located in Mertasari Beach, Sanur 1526 competition participants kite Sanur Village Festival began to take part after officially opened this morning.

Kadek Dwi ARMIKA who always coordinate kite competition SVF from the beginning, said this year is the agenda for the Bali, while next year the new international circuit in accordance agenda kite world championship. SVF has made the agenda of the biennial international festival, where people from around the world are now getting ready to come in Sanur international kite festival next year.

For this year's Bali se participants who came up from the Karangasem region of East Bali try to try their skill in the sky of Sanur. According to Kadek there are three classes competed namely children, adolescents and adults. While its kind that is pecukan, janggan, bebean, typical bebean Sanur, classic Janggan (janggan peacock) and new creations.

There is something special in competition SVF kite at this time which is the presence of classical or janggan types called janggan peacock. The presence of kite types have no other classical janggan by Kadek is part of an effort to revive and maintain the presence of classical janggan as part of wisdom kite in Bali. Year 40s classic janggan kite was well known and popular in Sanur, on the basis of the committee raised the SVF competition of this type in this year, according to Kadek.

The competition that will end tomorrow (28/8) offers prize money and the prestigious trophy of Sanur Village Festival which will be handed over on 4th September. For the winner of the new creations category, will get the ticket to represent Bali towards Tapisa Jakarta Kite Festival held at Beach Ancol, Jakarta.

Ida Bagus Sidartha Putra, chairman of SVF said, Sanur as the warehouse kite does have a vision to preserve the cultural wisdom is sublime. Through Sanur Village Festival creative space in preserving and developing the kite is wide open. What has been done by the organizing committee to preserve the classic janggan as well as typical bebean Sanur, should be appreciated and fully supported for sustainable event, added Sidartha.

Kite is the identity of the village of Sanur. Sanur Kite Festival programs both in Bali and international agenda has been proved and the scent of SVF at the same event for Sanur and Bali. Another thing according Sidartha, the emergence of new creations are very encouraging in the competitive world of the kite flyers to continue to innovate and evolve with the design and technology.

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