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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Ice Carving Fixed Enchant Visitors SVF

Night, the third day (26/8) after the SVF was officially opened by the Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya added festive with the presence of diverse activities in the area of ​​the main stage. Ice carving that had been present the night makeup SVF became charm among the crowd of visitors who enjoy musical entertainment and cultural attractions on the stage.

Ida Bagus Gede Astawa, Sanur ice carving artists who have won various championships Ice carving world level, this year presents the works related to the theme of SVF namely Tat Tvam Asi. Works that resemble two people were devoted to in the middle in the form of an ice sculpture that resembles a temple, completely enchant visitors.

Visitors from the outset to wait and see the whole chain of the process of sculpting ceaselessly perpetuate as personal memories. There are at least ten blocks of ice carver who executed emapat within three hours successfully arranged and established in the middle of the special stage.

According to the Sanur ice sculptures artist's nickname Gus Astawa , ice carving organizing this year found no significant difficulties because of the material prepared by stacking patterns on very easily rather than stacking side. By stacking pattern above can also maintain melt ice to melt, so that visitors can enjoy for longer periods of time.

Ida Bagus Putra Sidartha Sanur Village Festival chairman said, the potential of public art is very remarkable Sanur from various arts, including ice carving that has become the identity of the village of Sanur. Through SVF, artists are given space to express themselves as well as showing their prowess before the public. Ice carving by artist Ida Bagus Gede Sanur Astawa has proven greatness ice sculptor Sanur, and continues to present provide the best treat for visitors SVF.

Together with his charm ice carving show, fashion show by designer Andy Soe the theme karma nutmeg with the visual appearance of clothing from Point Model Management is equally attracted the attention of visitors. Andy brought his twenty-five designs that highlight the beauty prada above the black cloth. Modern and contemporary design that is based on the works of Andy archipelago traditional order, adds to amazed visitors with musical accompaniment claim Honggo. The stage became more glitzy where kala-prada prada gold trim body attractiveness in synergy with the model of teaching fashion.

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