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Sunday, August 28, 2016


Denpasar (26/8). Sanur Village Festival cultural dialogue as a whole wants to maintain cultural sovereignty which has been fortified Sanur in the civilization of the time. Housed in Grya Santrian Gallery Sanur, three speakers each Jean Couteau, Taufik Rahzen and Wayan Westa common thread stringing how to preserve the sovereignty of Balinese culture, particularly Sanur.

Jean Couteau raised momori cultural importance as a form of awareness in view of the present. According to Jean through cultural memory can be used as a reminder of how important putting Sanur former position as a center of cultural civilization. All forms and directions pace of capitalism who want to go with the plan, the minimum will be filtered out if the culture has been sovereign. Strengthening cultural memory in all its forms such as seeing yourself into, maintaining the existing cultural heritage, as well as continue to maintain and care.

Taufik Rahzen, discuss Sanur as an area that has a depth of cultural meaning of brotherhood and enlightenment. Taufik provide memories are four things that should be the subject of study viewed Sanur as cultural sovereignty is Inscription Belanjong, Arrival Chen Ho, Puputan Badung, and Sanur as a source of enlightenment global level. Sanur is appropriate for development as well as a model for conscious travel, Taufik added. While Wayan Westa, more interesting to look back how the cultural memory of water from Tukad Ayung civilization to Sanur Beach as a base power of cultural sovereignty. From the center of the hermitage to a spiritual place could serve as a strong base of cultural sovereignty, added Westa.

Interesting response from Putu Suasta questioning the cultural as well as reinforce the tourism swift current changes due to changes in water civilization to civilization centered on the airport road. The same thing also addressed Ida Bagus Sutama, artist and academics from these Sanur wants sovereignty by promoting the culture of Tri Hita Karana should be done as an umbrella over the legal framework or a fixed price.

Poets Wayan Jengki precisely respond to changing cultural civilization of the Ayung River as a sanctuary became a sanctuary for investors to put their tourism business. Ayung River has been transformed by a hotel, villas, as well as restaurant, primp identity fade spirituality inherent in it. While most of the other audience highlights how concretely to maintain Sanur in the present, looking at the history of civilization and the journey is very important for Bali's cultural sovereignty.

There is something quite interesting when the speaker Taufik Rahzen catapult their ideas for the Tourism Congress held in Sanur. Taufik matching the Tourism Minister Arief Yahya when giving a compliment at the opening of the SVF (24/8) that Sanur is the best model of community-based tourism best in Indonesia, at least should be split to other regions in Indonesia. All the views and policies of the government certainly should be studied so that tourism in Indonesia that during these rely on the potential of culture, and can be a bastion of cultural sovereignty and not just exploit the culture.

Ida Bagus Sidartha, Chairman of Sanur Village Festival who opened the cultural dialogue saying Cultural Dialogue is an important part of the program SVF. Through this year's theme of cultural dialogue Tat Tvam Asi in implementation of cultural sovereignty weigh Sanur viewed in the perspective of time will contribute to the construction of a new civilization progressed in Sanur while maintaining the cultural heritage of Hindu Bali.

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